Hi …

Hi everyone! My name is Kate.

I just turned 20 years old and in my third year of university, most likely like of a lot of you since this is a third year course! I’m studying secondary education because small children and saliva scare me … I truly admire all early childhood and primary teachers!!

My majors are English and Ancient History, two areas that I am passionate about and love to share with others. I love people and I love helping people. Some of my favorite classes on prac have been English learning support and communication classes, which although were very challenging in regards to behavioral management were very rewarding. As well as the struggling youth in Australia, my heart is also for South America and the people there, It’s been a lifelong dream to move over there and live in a slum community. I hope to use my teaching degree and other interest areas such as art and sports to help the people there escape the cycle of poverty, gangs, drugs and prostitution.

I must confess, I am also a tad nervous about this course … although I grew up with technology and know how to use it, I often prefer other methods of learning such as kinaesthetic learning and hands on learning. Despite this, I am looking forward to learning new ways to integrating technology into the classroom and hope to be able to adapt this new knowledge to my teacher style and learning preferences to ensure that I can be an effective teacher and cater for any and all students that I encounter!

Thanks for reading guys! Best wishes for the coming semester.



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