Beyond the obvious

A theme that I have noticed throughout the blog posts this week has been integrating ICTs into the classroom setting that go beyond the obvious, such as a YouTube video or a Powerpoint. I especially enjoyed reading this post from Rochelle:

Bransford et al stated that:

“computer-based technologies can be powerful pedagogical tools – not just rich sources of information, but extensions of human capabilities and contexts for social interactions” (in Sutherland, Robertson & John, 2009).

The quote along with the posts of other students in this course such as Rochelle really challenged me to stop and think about how I think about integrating ICT into the classroom setting. Do I look beyond the obvious to ensure that ICT is successfully integrated or do I just through in a couple of YouTube clips so that I can say i’ve done it. ICTs for the sake of nothing are beneficial to no one, they must have purpose and fit with the content.

Happy studying!

ps: here’s a link to the book I quoted 🙂


Sutherland, R., Robertson, S., & John, P. (2009) Improving classroom learning with ICT. London: Routledge.


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