Challenging the way we think ….

So this week was week 1 of EDC3100 …

I have to say: SO FAR SO GOOD! I have to admit that I was not very excited about this class. My initial thought when I first read the name of the course was  something to the effect of “ICT and Pedagogy smooshed together…that’s just perfect”.  I automatically assumed that it would be content heavy with three hours of lectures each week on concepts and ideas that  are so complex that it’s almost impossible to wrap your head around. However, this is where I swallow my pride and admit that it was completely and utterly misguided in my thoughts and blinded by preconceived ideas and prejudices.

I think that it is very easy to get caught up in the stink thinking that “this was the way I was taught, so it is the way I will teach”. The problem this thinking stinks because it doesn’t allow for difference; it assumes that every people is identical and therefore learns in the same ways. This as we know cannot be further from the truth. As we learnt in the module this week, our experiences shape the way that we think and learn. I really enjoyed this quote from Sky Huf’s thoughts on this also. Check it out here:

Just because I learn be seeing and doing and have little experience with computers in this context, it does not mean that I can dismiss it as meaningless and stupid. Rather as a pre-service teacher I need to be focusing on developing holistic pedagogies and a philosophy that allows for the individual styles and preferences of every child I ever teach … which is probably waaaay easier said than done. The first step in this though I think is the continual challenging of ideas and values, the continual learning curve that we are all on.

Happy studying!


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