TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More

Soo I was procrastinating on YouTube … (Hi my name’s Kate and I am a chronic procrastinator!) and I came across this funny little clip and had a bit of a giggle: The first one with the penguins was my favourite I must say …. but even after it had finished and I had moved on to other hilarious and senseless clips the title caught in my mind:

Together Everyone Achieves More

It’s a little cliche i’ll grant you, but still I think that it’s something very relevant that can be applied to a classroom setting. People almost always say to me once i’ve told them i’m studying to be a secondary teacher: “Oh! That’s great, you get such great benefits, a 9:00am-3:00pm job and all those holidays! And the pay! Super great”. They have obviously missed the point … There’s no need to point out the obvious. But what saddens me about those kinds of people is that they don’t realise the care and effort and time that teachers invest into their students. According to Suzanne Houff the classroom environment needs to be conducive to learning; it must be caring and safe for all students. Houff states in her book Managing the Classroom Environment: Meeting the Needs of the Student that a teacher needs to be actively creating a physical setting which:

“supports academic and social goals, establishing exceptions for behavior, communicating with students in culturally consistent ways, developing a caring classroom environment, working with families, and using appropriate interventions to assist students with behavior problems” (Houff, 2013).

In other words the classroom should be a place where together, everyone achieves more.

Putting that back in the perspective of ICT, I think that tools for online collaboration with peers and beyond would greatly contribute to fostering this kind of environment.

Happy Studying!


Houff, S.G. (2013). Managing the classroom environment: meeting the needs of the student. Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield Education.


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