The Montessori Method

In my first year of uni I remember one of the core subjects for second semester I think was a educational philosophy class. Some of you might also remember it. One of the people I learnt about in that course really stood out to me. Maria Montessori.

Maria [image] (n.d.). Retrieved March 6, 2015 from
Montessori was a revolutionary; her theories regarding how children learn have greatly impacted my own teaching philosophy. Within my practicums I have with success integrated many of her methods into my classes. For instance, Montessori theorised that children learn through their senses, culminating in the use of many kinesthetic learning activities in which children explore their own learning. Also, Montessori believed that children are natural learners; they want to learn but often their passion for knowledge is burnt out by the time they reach upper primary. As a result Montessori suggested that teachers need to differentiate their instruction and present the information to the students in a way that captures their attention and inspires them to learn.

This video explains a little more in depth the differences between Montessori schools and conventional schools:

The Montessori method is also complementary to Constructivist theory, another philosophy that I try to incorporate as much as possible.

Theory into Method [image] (Dec. 01, 2013). Retrieved March 6, 2015 from
Lastly, the Montessori method is also able to be integrated with ICTs as long as they are used as tools, not replacement tools! For instance, when used according to the theories of Maria Montessori, ICTs cant support students through the developmental stages, allow them to search for deeper knowledge and understanding and aid in the development of effective communication and collaboration skills with peers and people beyond the classroom.

Hope you found Montessori as interesting and challenging as I do!

Happy Studying!


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