How is ICT changing the way we teach?

I came across this video on YouTube today and I think it raises a very interesting question.

How is ICT changing the way we teach? And, should it??

Yes, I think that technology should change the way that we teach. If iPads and computers and other devices are the tools that students feel most comfortable learning through and engaging with, then who are we to stand in their way? Who are we to force them to learn through strategies that they don’t understand? Instead we as teachers need to engage with ICTs along with our students; this I believe is an important step in ensuring that we are using ICTs smartly to improve learning, rather than just throwing in a couple videos so that we can say we’ve “integrated ICT”.

However, another important factor in this is, as pointed out in the clip I attached, today we have access to so  much information, how can we effectively enable students to discern what is actually useful information and what is not? I love the quote they cited by Arthur C Clarke:

Getting information from the internet is like trying to get a glass of water from Niagara Falls

So how then can we help students to sort through the information they gather? Is this where strategies such as reflection come into play? As facilitators we need to direct students to relevant information and then allow them to process that information according to their known construction of knowledge. But what should this process look like? I believe that we need to harness each and every student’s individual interests and utilise them to ensure that students do actually understand what they are learning.

Here are some links to resources that speak more about this that I found really helpful. Explore Potential Strategies & Engaging Learner Diversity through Learning by Design.

Please also let me know your thoughts on anything I mentioned 🙂

Happy Studying!



2 thoughts on “How is ICT changing the way we teach?

  1. Excellent post – I loved the Niagara Falls quote too. I definitely think we have to educate our students how to be critical of the knowledge garnered from the internet. I also think many students are becoming overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of information available and this problem is another that we have to help them through.


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