Technology is a powerful tool – A Response

Hi everyone!

Hope you have enjoyed week 2 of EDC3100! I know I did. So excited to get into the artefact and start planning for it!

Down to business… I was scrolling through the reader tab to see what some other people had been talking about this week, when the post by jprumsey caught my attention. Her post title ‘Technology is a powerful tool’ was a reflection of Postman’s ‘5 Things we Need to Know about Technological Change’. I agreed with most of what she said. However, some of the points she made caused me to stop and think.

I agree with Postman, we need to be caution in how much we let technology control ourselves lest we are mastered by it. Jessica stated in her post:

A gun is a powerful weapon and in the wrong hands it can cause much harm, however we are ultimately responsible for how we use firearms. A gun doesn’t fire unless you pull the trigger.

I agree with this statement in part. You see, I personally dislike guns (feel free to disagree if you like, it’s just my opinion), They are very powerful weapon and I have seen and heard first hand just how much harm they can cause. However, here in Australia we have gun laws to regulate who is able to wield these powerful weapons; we don’t hand them out to every Tom, Dick and Harry to go and do whatever they want with them. No. There’s a process, and i’ll admit it’s not fool-proof (what law is??), it does for the most part work. But we’re not here to discuss guns we’re talking technology.

My natural train of thought in this was since technology is such a powerful tool that can be used to harm people, should we not regulate it that same way we regulate guns? I know that that is potentially a very controversial statement … This YouTube clip disagrees with me:

But I can’t help but wonder what the benefits … and disadvantages we would face if technology was regulated? Would that too be taken advantage of?

Please share you’re thoughts with me on this subject.

Happy studying!



One thought on “Technology is a powerful tool – A Response

  1. Hi Kate, interesting post. I think it boils down to how we use the internet. Regulations removes freedom of choice and there will always be the people who are savvy enough to get around regulations!


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