Learning & Fun??

Hi all!

Welcome to week 3 of EDC3100! Can’t believe that it has gone this fast! Crazy hey.

As part of this weeks learning path we were asked to play a game … an algebra game. Let me tell you, when I saw the world ‘algebra’ my entire nervous system broke down! I was suddenly 14 years old in a maths classroom feeling confused, frustrated and stupid. Needless to say I am and English/Ancient History major … Maths and I have a mutual dislike for one another.

However, in saying that I was surprised at the progress I made playing this game. My experience seems to have been similar to Tess’s experience, read about it here.  The game was secretly teaching me about algebra! Here’s how it works:

The box card represent x. There are two special cards; The green vortex is zero and the one die is one. All other cards have no “special” properties and have two sides. The algebraic rules are gradually introduced with the cards that represent monsters or dice. Over time, these cards are replaced by letters and numbers, and the equal sign and plus sign are introduced. By then, the player is comfortable with the algebraic logic and can solve equations in the game.

This game taught me what I struggled to learn in schools; and it did it in 15 minutes!!  A) I learnt by doing. B) The game showed me the whole process and slowly taught me algebraic equations. C) I had fun while I was doing it!

Here’s a more in depth explanation of how the game works and exactly what it is teaching. And check out this awesome clip below from YouTube. It shows some more about that the games about.

Anyway folks! I’m off.

Happy studying!



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