Tumblr – Blogging at its best and also moving pictures!

Hi all Hope you have been enjoying week 3 of EDC3100!

I was inspired by this post to share one of my favourite social media sites…. Tumblr. Tumblr is great. You can blog, reblog, like and share … my my personal favourite is that the pcitures move! I’ve been using Tumblr for a number of years now and have meet a number of great people who share similar interests as myself.

My question though it this: can social media sites such as Tumblr which are traditionally used almost solely for entertainment purposes be used to support and encourage student learning the classroom? What might this look like?

This got me thinking in particular about my two majors, English and Ancient History. For Ancient History I can envisage an online field journal for senior (years 11 & 12) students where they can post their reflections, photos and historical inquiries as well as follow other students, interact with them and even real life archaeologists!  For English, I have to admit, I had trouble coming up with some ideas – so I went researching and came across this great website.

It suggests and outlines a number of practical ways that teachers around the globe are currently using Tumblr as an integrated ICT in the classroom. The examples included:

1. A course website. There are separate sections for the Syllabus, Assignments, and other content. Students can get to the content from any web browser and the teacher can communicate and deliver materials by posting them in one place.

2. Sharing and Locating resources.

There’s also a number of awesome education blogs on Tumblr … I’ve linked some of my favourites below so check them out if you have time!!

Adventures in Learning

Team Teachers

Things for Teachers

I don’t Do, I Teach


Think Inclusive

Teaching IRL

Oscar Learn, Oscar Teach

Teacher Thought Bubble

Hey Teacher! –> A good source of encouragement!

Perhaps in an English classroom Tumblr could be used for searching for and creating alternate forms of media, modern poetry, reviews. I don’t know! The possibilities seem endless!!

Happy studying!



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