Copyright Confusion

Computer History Museum by David Glover, on Flickr
Hi all! ^ this is my first practice attempt at using the CC search and imagecodr. Not bad I must say! I managed to successfully navigate CC search and imagecodr and put the picture in a blog post … but I am still super confused about this whole concept of copyright and asking permission. In the past whenever I have used a resource from someone else, i’ve referenced it and its been fine! No suddenly there’s this whole other issue that I have to think about for the first time.
This video from the vlogbrothers, (John & Hank Green), explained some issues to me, (granted they are speaking of American copyright law), but it seemed to just confuse me more. Check it out below.

There seems to be a number of people just as confused as I am about this issue. These two blog posts by Sky and Amanda helped to me clarify some questions I had. Check them out for some links to great resources as well.

But what I can’t help but wonder in this, is why is copyright such a complex issues with so many different variables, and does it actually work effectively? To me it seems to only make the rich people richer. But I suppose as Hank stated in the vlogbrothers video above, its not that the system is the best system and the fairest system, its that it is the only one that conceivably words, and works semi-effectively. Still I remain unconvinced.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Are our copyright laws truly effective? Yay or nay.

Happy studying everyone!


Ps. If you are like me and still a little confused about the whole copyright concept, check out this video. It’s explicitly about Australian copyright law and explains how our copyright laws work and function.


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