ICT Robots

Hi all! Another week finished! How quickly is this semester passing?? I’m surprised with the ease that I have been able to adjust to this course. Normally I struggle to complete the required blog posts for the first assignment. Anyway, that’s by the by. Today I want to talk about one of my greatest fears regarding technology: Anti-socialism.

I was inspired to address this fear after stumbling across this post earlier this week. The author raises a really interesting question:

Could it be that one day due to the influence of technology the interpretation of social skills will simply state, “Social skills are the skills we use to communicate and interact with each other“.  We sure are communicating with each other and sure, we’re not interacting physically but the word interact means to act in such a way as to have an effect on each other.  Doesn’t our technology do that?  We even have little characters to show how we are feeling, our emotions can even be interpreted now without even using our body language or gestures and perhaps these little emotion faces leave little to be misinterpreted.

Another article I read likewise raised the point that technology is robbing us of emotional, or rather allows us to avoid unwanted feelings. Clinical psychologist Sherry Turkle cited similar results. One of her interviewees used the example of trying to cancel a dinner with grandma over the phone versus in a text or email. The person explained that if they heard the disappointment in their grandmother’s voice on the phone, they would feel guilty and change their mind. By comparison, when simply typing an excuse and hitting the “send” button for a text or email, the sender doesn’t have to consider their grandmother’s feelings at all.

This video from YouTube offers some interesting points also:

Are we, as the video suggests, becoming mindless robots; stuck in a world of silence and loneliness even though we are surrounded by hundreds and thousands of people? I know i’m guilty of it, I dislike calling people of the phone, so I’ll send a message instead. However that being said, I always prefer having a face to face conversation with my friends and family.That face to face contact, the feeling of belonging and friendship, i’ve found in my experience that it cannot be replicated. Why? Because like I discussed earlier, technology is robbing us of emotional, or feeling; it’s impersonal and anti social.

In saying that, I think that this issue is very much a grey area. This site offers an opposite view to my own and also raises some excellent and compelling thoughts. What is your opinion on the relationship between technology and anti-socialism?

Happy studying!



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