iPads and the classroom

Hi all!

Hope you are travelling well with your first assignment! I am almost ready to post mine; just finishing off some last minute touches and proofreading!

Today I wanted to delve into the somewhat murky and problematic debate Apple vs. Android …. Just kidding! I won’t open that can of worms! Haha. No today I want to talk about iPads in the classroom and their benefits. I was inspired by this in reading a number of posts focusing on classroom resoucces and personal favourites, most notably Saranna’s post.

I was given an iPad for my 19th birthday by my Dad. Dad loves his iPad, I already had an iPhone so was not particularly wanting an iPad, but he refused to buy me a surfboard (I know right!). However, after a year and bit of use and I can definitely see the pros for using iPads (and all other forms of tablets) in the classroom.  For example, they are light weight. Even modern laptops can be bulky and heavy to cart around and everything is literally right at your fingertips.

Check out this video. It explains for a teacher’s perspecitve the benefits of iPads, and other technology in the classroom.

I love this statement:

They don’t realise they’re learning, they’re just doing

There are so many things that you can do with iPads in the classroom; it really is limitless. This website provides links to hundreds, even thousands of great educational apps you can get on iPads. Keep it in mind for when you’re on prac!

Anyway, gotta run! SOOO much to get done today!

Happy studying



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