Using ICTs safely

Safe by stimpsonjake, on Flickr
Hi all! Happy Friday! Who’s keen for the weekend?? Not me because i’ll be working on assignments!
Anyway, I was inspired in part by this post to think about what safety measures needs to be in place in the classroom to ensure the technology is used safely and wisely by all. Often I think the safety issues can be glossed over in favour for all the positive things ICT brings to the classroom. But what is forgotten in the stampede is the potential for hurt.
This video made by a year 7 student explains some of the issues of internet safety.
There are also a number of reports and articles on cyberbullying that give pause. This article proves that cyberbullying is not just limited to school-aged children, but can affect adults as well.
This article in the Telegraph also contains some interesting thoughts on technological safety. For instance, the author states:
Computer games, social networks like Facebook, Bebo and Twitter, and our general ease of access to information online have changed the way we function … [but] young people may be at risk of losing the ability to gain real understanding.
Valerie Strauss offers in her article 5 ways to ensure internet safety in the classroom:
1.  Encourage parent leadership
2. Communicate regularly to parent communities
3. Be clear with parents on how appropriate technology use is enforced
4. Be creative
5. Recognize the positive use of technology
What are you thoughts? How can we as future teachers ensure that our students are safe when using technology?
Happy studying!

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