The Limits of Technology

Hola mi amigas!!

Can’t believe that it is the end of week five already! Hope you have all had a good week and got Assignment 1 in on time.

In this post I want to explore the idea of Technological limits, inspired in part by the module books and this post from Tegan.

I believe that technology has greatly benefitted our world a great deal. However, does technology have a limit? Meaning: is there a limit to how much technology will benefit us in education but also in other areas of life? Is investing in technology beneficial or is it a waste? Honestly, I am struggling to find an answer to these questions. The question ‘How much is too much technology’ will have a different answer for different people.

In relation to learning though, I think that this quote from the module emulates nicely my sentiments:

…the ICT you use only supports a certain set of capabilities. It may not suit exactly the learning objective you are trying to achieve and it constraints.

The ICT is only effective if it is used correctly and that more often than not falls under the domain of the teacher. How we are using technology will determine the limit placed on it. The module offered some very good principles that I believe will make a big difference in a classroom setting in regards to ICTs and pedagogy. There are 4, and you can read them here. Also this is an interesting article on the limits of technology.

Happy studying!



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