Collaboarative Learning & ICTs

Hi all! I hope that you have all had an awesome Easter Weekend and are today enjoying the second public holiday! For my first post of the week, I was inspired by this post from James to explore a little more the relationship between ICTs and collaborative learning.

So lets start by looking at collaborative learning … What it is and why it’s important to integrate into a classroom setting. Well instead boring you with an explanation, watch the video below.

So what about ICTs? How can ICTs help in building collaborative learning in classrooms? According to this website created by the University of Sydney, using ICTs to build collaborative learning activities can strengthen the collaboration and communication between students, leading to more in depth learning and creation of knowledge.

There are some amazing collaborative learning applications out there, some of them like Socrative I have already talked about in this post. But there are tonnes more.

For instance, this video explains how social media application such as Twitter can be used to encourage collaborative learning in the classroom. Other applications including Edmodo, WordPress, Tumblr, Pinterest, Prezi and Google Docs can all be used in much that same way.

So start thinking outside the square … How can we help students to really engage with those around them? As the first video said, our neighbour is an invaluable resource.

Happy studying!



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