Assignment 2 –

Morning all!! I’m a little late but I wanted to share some of my initial thoughts for our next assignment. I’ve seen some really cool ideas floating around on people’s blogs. I really liked some of Jackie’s ideas and Amanda’s idea to study a full life cycle in the classroom awesome! I’m really looking forward to this assignment; I surprised even myself last year when I planned my first Unit Plan and Assessment Task and actually really had fun planning it all out and experimenting with the content. I think I enjoyed it too because I know 100% that it is definitely going to to be useful once I finish uni.

For this unit plan, i’ve chosen year 8 history and a Viking unit! I’m super excited (mostly I just can’t wait until I can unleash this picture on some students!)


I’m envisioning lots of Horrible Histories! (don’t judge me it’s an awesome show to watch when you’re twenty), maybe a QR code Viking Quiz, a Tumblr class page, multimodal presentations (YouTube/Prezi??), some infographics, maybe a faux-Viking raid on the school assembly and an archaeological dig site featuring some Viking artefacts behind one of the ‘school buildings’.

Assessment wise, I’m thinking formative will probably be a socrative quiz and summative assessment with most likely be a portfolio task done weekly and culminating in a final presentation.

So guys let me know what you think! Thoughts, feelings, questions, queries are all welcome!

Happy studying mi amigas!



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