Morning all! Happy Friday. Week one of ‘holidays’ is almost over, sadness. But looking forward to the weekend. Assignment 2 is travelling well, lots of ideas flowing etc.

This morning I want to delve into a topic pretty close to home, cyberbullying. Several people have written a number of great posts about this topic. I especailly liked Tess’s post which offered a number of resources to combat cyberbullying.

This video below is a really eye-opening and captivating resource. It explains what cyberbullying is and some of the forms that it can take in a school environment. It also shows the devastating effects that it can cause.

So, the question then in response to this video is: how can we as educators manage technology in the school and help students to understand how serious cyberbullying is?

This website offers a number of strategies that can help educators to prevent cyberbullying. I have taken their points, but adding my own thoughts to them.

1. Teach students that its ok to report abuse. This point is really important. I know from my experience that often students will not reach out for fear of reprisal or rejection. To combat this we need to be forming positive relationships with our students, building trust and understanding.

2. Establish firm rules. Students need to be aware of the rules regarding the use of technology and the consequences of misuse both for themselves and the effect that their behaviour can have on others.

3. Realize that younger generations identify more closely to their online presence.

4. Team building. We need to build a safe classroom community. Is everyone going to get along 100% of the time … NO. But we need to be showing students through our own behaviour the right way to treat other people.

5. Encourage education for teachers, administrators, and counselors.

6.  Get parents involved

7. Allow technology in schools … but model the correct way to use it.

I also like this website, this I stumbled upon. It offers a number of safety resources for teachers that can be used with students and parents.

Happy studying amigos!



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