Keeping up with the technology

Evening all! Holidays are almost over! Sadness. But assignment 2 is going well at least.

As I was scrolling through my reader, I came across this post from Cassandra. It talks about past technologies and how quickly they can become outdated. This made me automatically think, if technology has changed so dramatically over the past decade (yes, I’m 20 but I can remember using floppy disks and when 1MB USBs were like $100) how can we as teachers ensure that the technology that we are using in our classrooms remains up-to-date and relevant to our students?? How can we keep up with the technology?

I love this short clip from youtube, it shows just how much technology in the classroom has changed and evolved over the years. Check it out.

I believe that as teachers it is vitally important to ensure that we are keeping up with the technology. Why? Because it’s important that students are given the opportunities to learn through the tools that they feel comfortable with. But more than that, this article states that through the integration of technology in the classroom, students are empowered and encouraged to find their own voice rather than parroting that of their teachers. The same article also goes on to remind that technology also ensures that students feel comfortable in their learning area as well as helps to make the content more interesting and relevant.

But how can we be physically ensuring that we are keeping up with technological changes? Am I allowed to say that right now I am not 100% sure … in fact I don’t know that I am 1% sure. Suggestions would be welcome!! I guess it’s by listening to the students and fellow colleagues as well as friends and family, and perhaps keeping an eye online.

Happy studying!



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