Authentic Assessment

Hi all!

Welcome back to uni! Who’s excited (a clue … not me). It’s glorious weather in Gympie today, my favourite kind: rainy and cold. Unfortunately it doesn’t make for good studying weather, but I am trying!

I’ve noticed floating around that there has been on wordpress as well as on study desk, a bit of a focus on assessment. Check out this post and this one from some fellow EDC3100 bloggers. So in this post, I want to focus on Authentic assessment, what it looks like and why we should be working towards it.

According to the UNSW, Authentic assessment focuses on students using and applying knowledge and skills in real-life settings. For example, you might have students take part in:

    • simulation or role play of a scenario
    • completion of a real-world task
    • assessment in a workplace setting.

This site also lists a number of benefits which authentic has for students. These include:

+”authentic assessment uses tasks that reflect normal classroom activities” (real life learning);
+”authentic assessment focuses on higher order thinking skills” (Bloom’s Taxonomy);
+”authentic assessment embeds assessment in the classroom context” (real world contexts);
+”requires active performance to demonstrate understanding” (kinaesthetic, being involved);
+”promotes a wide range of assessment strategies” (interesting and engaging assessment tasks);
+”involves the teacher and student collaboratively in determining assessment” (student-structured tasks); and
+”focuses on progress, rather than identifying weaknesses” (ensure success for every child) (Brady, 2012. p.45).

Check out this example from a real life classroom!

Happy studying!



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