Measuring the success of ICT integration

Hi all!

Happy Friday! Looking forward to the weekend and taking some time off from uni! This week has been hectic, I feel so far behind in everything! It always happens to me after mid semester break, I get all out of whack.

Anyway, I was inspired by the forum question for this weeks learning path as well as some posts by other EDC3100 students such as this one to explore further the idea of measuring the success of ICT integration in the classroom setting.

As I am sure we are all aware, reflective practice in teaching is one of the most important tools we can use to develop of our pedagogy and ensuring that we are constanting improving and adding new skills to out toolkit. Hence, I think that it is very important that we don’t just assume that because we are suddenly using some extra YouTube clips that our students will magically begin to show improvement in their learning. Its not the fact that we have added ICTs that will aid student understanding and learning, rather it’s how we use them. Therefore, we need to be constantly reflecting to ensure that we are using ICTs to transform and amplify rather than just replacement. Also, at the same time we need to monitor student learning to see if the change in teaching methods if having a positive impact.

I would be interesting in hearing anyone else’s thoughts on this topic 🙂

Happy studying!



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