Using Technology Vs. Integrating Technology

Afternoon (almost …)! As I was working through this week’s study path, I was inspired by section 4.2 of ‘Enhancing your ICT-rich learning experiences’ to explore in more depth the idea of Using Technology Vs. Integrating Technology.

I loved this table; it’s purpose was to compare what it looked like to just use technology as opposed to successfully integrating technology. Here’s a couple of examples:

1 Technology usage is random, arbitrary and often an afterthought Technology usage is planned and purposeful
2 Technology is rare or sporadically used in the classroom Technology is a routine part of the classroom environment.
9 Technology is used solely by individuals working alone Technology is used to facilitate collaboration in and out of the classroom

There are a number of other articles that also touch on this topic and offer some amazing insights as to how we as future educators about to head out on practical experience can make sure that we don’t just use technology, but integrate it into the classroom.

For example, this website provides that same table from our study path. Check it out below.

Reflecting on my own experiences with ICTs, I can see that even when I had the best intentions and truly believed that I was successful integrating ICTs into the class that in actual fact, I was just using technology, it was not ICT integration. But how can I avoid this in the future?? I think though the same method that we can measure the success of ICT integration: reflective practice. I wrote a post about it this morning, check it out here. Also there were a number of excellent posts from other EDC3100 students about this topic, such as Liv’s post.

In the end, it’s only by trial and error that we can begin to improve our practice by reflecting:

  1. -What did I do well?
  2. -What wasn’t so good?
  3. -What can I do instead next time?

it’s all very elementary my dear Watsons!

Happy studying!



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