ICTs: When is it too much??

Evenin’ all! Week 9 is more than half-way gone … the time is just flying past.

I’ve noticed that more and more people are beginning to share their thoughts on Assignment 2, and I thought i’d add some more to that tonight. But first, there’s been a number of really cool posts today; check them out here and Sandy’s post about backward design here, and another from Sandy that I found really helpful about apps here.

Today as I was working on the justification aspect of my assignment, I came across a really good source: Leask & Pachler (2014) Learning to Teach Using ICT in the Secondary School . Specifically, the following quote caught my attention.

“[ICTs] can deprive learners of real, first-hand (multi-sensory) experiences at the cost of simulations and models.”

-Leask & Pachler (2014) Learning to Teach Using ICT in the Secondary School 

As a kinesthetic person I can really relate to this. See I don’t learn by just doing things on a computer or running around with a laptop. I learn by seeing and touching and hearing; I am very much a multi-sensory person. This sparked the question in me: can we go overboard with ICTs, when is it too much?

Whilst I can definetly agree that it is very important to be using ICTs in the classroom, to be successfully integrating them for the benefit of student learning, we have to be careful not to lean towards just one end of the spectrum (I love that word!!)

spectrum of technological use

This article from the Guardian offers some really interesting points in this debate. For instance:

As teachers, we all know that learning happens most effectively when students are engaged in an activity that allows them to receive frequent, formative feedback about their skill level, with suitably challenging and varied tasks that sustain their interest. This has to be the primary objective of any lesson, and sometimes it can be aided by careful use of classroom technology….The trouble is, technology is not always the answer, and it can even harm the learning when used badly. I was recently told about a rather nervous teacher who used to stay glued to the front of the class, with very little chance for interaction with the students, and consequently a number of behaviour problems. The school was working hard to encourage her to venture out among the students, and there were clear improvements being made. The school then installed an interactive whiteboard in her class and in encouraging her to use it, unfortunately exacerbated the original problem as she started to rely on slides and activities that kept her stuck behind her desk once again.

Check out this article as well.

I want to end with this youtube clip, which sums up pretty well most of my hesitations with ICTs.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic!!

Happy studying,



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