Digital Citizenship

Afternoon all! Hope you have all managed to complete Assignment 2 on time and with little to no kinks! I managed to hand mine in last night and have spent today focusing on some other uni assignments that have been neglected these past few weeks.

Completing the module books for this week and also scrolling through Diigo and Reader here on WordPress has opened my eyes to a new issues (seriously, my eyes are opened every week I think!). Digital Citizenship. Check out these posts from Lucas about Connect.ed and cyber safety.

But what exactly is digital citizenship, I can’t help but be somewhat confused about what it means for me as a person as well as a aspiring educator.

According to this educational website, digital citizenship can be defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use, including:

1.   Digital Access

2.   Digital Commerce

3.   Digital Communication

4.   Digital Literacy

5. Digital Etiquette

6.   Digital Law

7.   Digital Rights & Responsibilities

8.   Digital Health & Wellness

9.   Digital Security (self-protection)

This YouTube clip also offers some useful information through a fun medium! Also this short clip explains why it is important for us as future teachers to be thinking about our own digital citizenship and how we can teach responsible use of technology to students.

Happy studying!



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