Prac & Reflective Practice

Morning all! Happy Friday, the weekend approaches (ie: Assignment writing time approaches). Scrolling through the different EDC3100 feeds I’m seeing a lot of talk about our prac that is approaching FAST. Check out Emma and Rochelle’s posts. I myself haven’t even received a placement yet, which I am freaking out about as in the past I have organised my own practical experiences.and know exactly where I’m going at the start of semester. This year however, I believe the rules were changed and I now come under Fraser Coast campus and are placed by them. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to going on prac.

One of the most important things about Prac, (in my opinion) is reflective practice. Reflective practice is something that relates to a wide range of contexts; nurses do it, doctors do it, engineers do it and teachers should do it. This article proposes that reflective practice is:

a process where teachers think over their teaching practices, analyzing how something was taught and how the practice might be improved or changed for better learning outcomes. Some points of consideration in the reflection process might be what is currently being done, why it’s being done and how well students are learning. You can use reflection as way to simply learn more about your own practice, improve a certain practice (small groups and cooperative learning, for example) or to focus on a problem students are having. Some methods you can use are shown below:

Check out this YouTube clip for more information:

And this site for more information about what Reflective Practice can look like. Lastly, For more of my thoughts on Prac, check out my post from a while back, Kate’s Tips for Surviving Practical Experience

Happy Studying mi amigos!



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