Freaking out about Prac — intensifies

Morning all!

So we all got placed this morning for prac. There’s been some great follow up posts from lots of students, such as Maree’s and Mrs Hill. 

I just got mine back and I am freaking the freak out. Let me tell you why: I got placed at my 10th preference, the very last school that I wanted to go to in my region. Not because it’s a bad school, its actually a great school and I know its a great school because I graduated from that school in 2011. Gympie is a small town, I still know the majority of the teachers, the ones that taught me are still there and one of them is my mentor teacher. What’s more awkward though is that I still know more than half of the students that go there, it’s a small school about 300 kids, most of them I am friends with, I still hang out with. I lead one of the local Youth Groups and a heap of these kids come along.

So here’s where I need some advice guys! How can I successfully go from friend to authority figure?? How can I manage a whole heap of year 8 kids when they know me as Kate the fun youth leader who does crazy stuff with them like slime fights and tribal wars. How on earth am I going to maintain behaviour? Help me I’m freaking out!

This article from the Guardian offered some great advice. Check it out if you’re still unsure on some basic behaviour management techniques. My personal favourite that I like to use is called “Siberia”. All it is is an isolated desk at the very front of the classroom facing a wall where a student is sent for timeout if they are a bit hyper. What kind of techniques do you guys like to use?

Happy Studying!

Kate out.


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