Prac – revisited and revised

Morning all! I wanted to take this chance to update my post from monday about my prac. A number of other EDC3100 students have likewise been posted the last few weeks about our upcoming practical experience. For instance, check out these posts from Sara and this post.

On Monday I was panicked, and expressed my anxieties about returning to the school that I completed year 6 to year 12 at and graduated from four years ago. Even though four years might seem like a long time, in a small town it isn’t; I still know and am friends with the majority of the students that attend that school. I know them from youth group and church and sport. I meet with my mentor teachers yesterday afternoon after work, one of whom taught me in year 11 and 12, and expressed these anxieties to them; they encouraged me that instead of my already strong relationship with many of the students being a weakness, it will be a strength that I can channel through the right behavioral management techniques.

So, my anxieties have abated, a little, as they are still present. In the four years since  I have been at school, enough has changed that it’ll be weird, like coming home and finding that your sister has stolen your room. Enough is the same that I know my way around and stuff, but enough has changed that i’ll be thrown off. The year 8s that I hung out with and mentored in year 12 are now in year 12…. scary right.

Anyway, check out this site, it offers a heap of great behavior management techniques.

Lastly check out this video, it offers some great ideas.

Happy studying!



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