The 5Es

Morning all! Happy Friday. Here it’s a people free day to attend the show, but alas, there is work to be done. Prac approaches as do assignment due dates for other classes! Today I wanted to explore The 5Es that we read a little about in this weeks learning modules. These been a few other EDC3100 students discussing this topic as well during the week, as well as related topics, check out this awesome post.

But, down to business … What is are the 5Es?? The 5Es are an Inquiry Based Learning Model, one of my favourite instructional methods. In inquiry based learning situations students are encouraged to develop a question and to then search for an answer, creating their own knowledge and understanding along the way. The teacher moves from in control and in charge to the role of facilitator and guide, which I prefer.

Specifically, the 5Es are: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate. This article elaborates and explains what this looks like in an educational setting.

If you are interested, the following clip explains this process in more depth.

This clip offers a practical example of The 5Es in the classroom.

I will be using this model a lot in prac as it fits with my teaching preferences without alienating any of the students’ learning preferences, empowers students to take an active role in their own learning and lastly as it fits with my philosophy of teaching.

Happy studying all!



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