Day One of Prac

Afternoon all!

How are we all going? Day one of fifteen is done and dusted! Yay. A number of other EDC3100 students have also been posting about prac both yesterday and today. Check you these awesome posts from Amanda and Kate.

So today for my first day I eased into prac by attending an all day excursion to nearby Rainbow Beach for my year 8 geography class. It was a great way to get to know the students (that I don’t know … I already know most of them! Check out my post from last week for more info), and spend some time with my mentor teachers (One of whom taught me in grade 12, again see this post!). But most of all it reminded me of my strong belief in the benefits of multi sensory learning.

According to this article, the multi sensory approach can be defined as

an approach that teaches reading and writing (including spelling) through using Auditory (hearing), Visual (sight) and Kinesthetic (movement/touch) pathways. This gives multiple pathways for the information to reach the brain. It is diagnostic as it involves constant testing and reflection on the knowledge of the student.

Check out this clip for some more information on multi sensory approach.

Multi sensory approach also fits with my philosophy of education as it is an important aspect of the Montessori Method. For more information about the Montessori Method check out this youtube clip.

The reason that I advocate both multi sensory approach as well as the Montessori Method is because we won’t always have only visual learners in our classroom, or only auditory and so on, rather there will always be a mixtures of learning styles in any given classroom, therefore, this approach ensures that all students can realistically be catered for. The second reason is that we cannot expected child to grasp concepts when they have no idea how knowledge can be transformed from an abstract idea that they learn in the classroom to real life application. ???

I’d love to hear your thoughts on multi sensory approach as well as your first day of prac!

Happy studying!



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