Teaching for Dummies!


This evening, when I was not procrastinating! haha I came across this video: check it out!

It’s true though isn’t it!? I was talking to my sister who is a primary teacher and she said to me, “teaching is 90% acting”. This is something both of my mentor teachers have collaborated! It’s so true though and I didn’t realise until she said it. 90% Acting.

When something goes wrong, pretend it’s fine, need to get angry, pretend, actually having a bad day pretend you’re fine! etc etc etc.

Yet there are still other core teaching skills that I have come across in my pracs so far:

1. Planning

2. Class room management

3. Differentiation

4. Mentoring

5. Technology

6. Teacher-parent communication

7. Formal Observation

Check out this website for some more information on this.

Planning is probably one of the most important aspects of this that I have come across so far. Check out this article for some great examples.

Also check out these great posts from other EDC3100 students who are also on prac at the moment. Maranda’s is a reflection on her first lesson, Angela’s is likewise on planning and her lessons so far and this one also from Angela is about the lack of ICTs in her classroom, which I can relate to!




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