Prac done and dusted

Morning all!

It’s Monday and i’m not at school right now. I’m home. In my pajamas. Ahh the uni lifestyle! Prac is finished and the semester is almost over! Hence my prac reflection post. There’s been a heap of awesome ones from EDC3100 students over the last few days, including this hilarious post from EDUK8me, Robin’s reflections, Sara’s post and Courtney’s reflections.

So without further ado my thoughts on prac and teaching:

The more pracs that I go on and the further I get into my degree the more I realise that mainstream traditional teaching is not me. I’ve spoken about Montessori before, but I will once again bring her. I am not an authoritarian, I hate lecturing from the front of the classroom, I hate having to spoon feed students who are capable of learning for themselves. Montessori advocates that teachers should act only as guide or facilitators as students explore the world around them developing their own knowledge. consequently I use lots of group work and peer collaboration techniques. When I am just talking to a bunch of students about a topic they are not interested in at all, where is the benefit? Does one teaching method fit all? NO.

Secondly, I have become even more convinced through this prac as well as others that I will never teach in a mainstream Australian school. My passion is for struggling students, the ones who have been forgotten or written off as too stupid. ESL Teaching is also something that I want to look into. I want to teach in low-socioeconomic areas all around the world, helping the people there to break out of the cycle of poverty.


To end, check out this clip! It has literally been my life for the last three weeks. It is crazy how stupid some students think we are and how much the think we don’t know.

Happy studying!


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