What i’ve learnt …

Morning all! So following the example of some of my fellow students including Matt and Saranna, I want to share with you guys the things i’ve learnt over the last semester! Are yo ready for dis?

1. ICT really make a difference to student learning

ICTs help to maximise student engagement as well as help students to develop the necessary skills to participate in the world outside of school.

2. There are many different types of students

This is an slightly exaggerated, but the principle remains! Differentiation is vitally important in an educational context.

3. As an educator, it’s important to keep learning!

Knowledge is ever growing, ever changing and ever forming, it is important that teachers continue to expand their knowledge to ensure that they remain effective. This could be in the area of technology as well as subject knowledge.

4. Reflective practice is the best!

When we reflect that’s when we can truly examine our strengths and weaknesses and learn.

5. ICT can’t just be replacements.

They need to be amplifying and transforming knowledge as well!

Happy studying guys!



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